DPS911 Special Thanks

August 19, 2009

Hi everyone,

I would like to take this time to thank Jordan and Peter for all their time and assistence in teaching me all I know about Open Source and Eclipse WTP. Without their guidence I would have never known how much I like helping others learn about Open Source and I guess that’s the most important thing. Being able to spark passion in others is a rare and vaulable gift they share. Thank you.

To help you in your teaching others about Open Source, I have put together some beta labs. Beta in the sense I will add screenshots followed by a screencast for each lab. Below is a link to the general page you can find the open source labs.


See you both in tomorrow meeting.


The following link is to a detailed screencast on reproducing Eclipse Web Tools Platform bug number 241429.


For a higher resolution version visit:

and select the “Eclipse WTP Bug # 241429” in HD.

This screencast provides a visual representation of the bug in two scenarios. In the first case, the bug does not seem to appear. However, in the second case it does.

As Angel has suggested, I have inserted a break-point to depict how WTP would react if the cilent’s server adapter took a long time to initialize its state.

I hope this will help future developers quickly understand this bug and come to a working solution.

Below is a link to the Eclipse WTP Bug details:


If you have any question please leave a comment.

After countless hours of recording, editing, and trying to find a free video blog server to host this screencast, I am finally done. Find below a link to a detailed screencast about how to download, extract, and get Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) working on your Windows OS.


I have also created a Facebook group, Video Walk Through, where I will be posting other software development tutorials and bug reproduction videos. Join this group if you would like to keep updated on future videos. Below is a link to this Facebook group.