Video Walkthrough: Eclipse WTP – Downloading & Extracting/Installingt

May 21, 2009

After countless hours of recording, editing, and trying to find a free video blog server to host this screencast, I am finally done. Find below a link to a detailed screencast about how to download, extract, and get Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) working on your Windows OS.

I have also created a Facebook group, Video Walk Through, where I will be posting other software development tutorials and bug reproduction videos. Join this group if you would like to keep updated on future videos. Below is a link to this Facebook group.


3 Responses to “Video Walkthrough: Eclipse WTP – Downloading & Extracting/Installingt”

  1. Peter said

    Hi, John.
    This is cool! Would you consider sharing your experience of creating the video at our IRC meeting next Tuesday?


  2. Jordan said

    Very good John,

    Try now to create a video based on the basic tutorial to work with a bug (mention the wiki URL where the learner could find the written info).


  3. John Dang said

    Check out the below link for a written version of how to download, extract/install, and get Eclipse WTP working on your Windows OS.

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